Website Readability Guide: Make Your Website Reader-Friendly

Designed by Vincent Connare, this sans-serif features tall x-heights and short cross-bars to aid legibility. Tisa, designed by Mitja Miklav, looks great no matter where it’s rendered. Its large x-height and ample kerning and counters make it ultra-legible, and it’s a versatile font that looks good in a range of contexts.

The fonts you choose affect the design and legibility of your site’s textual content. Sometimes these fonts can also impact your website readability or responsiveness, so you must understand the basics of website typography. Palatino softens sharp letters and is bolder than serif fonts to use. Palatino is less like Georgia and Times New Romans with different stroke weights and shapes. As a result, all of this makes the Palatino font much warmer. Cursive fonts are not supported across Microsoft and Apple devices universally.

website readability font

With these resources combined with my design experience, I’ve prepared a list of popular yet best fonts for web usage. It’s essential to know the differences between these two typefaces as almost all the fonts come under these typefaces. A good rule of thumb is to use a maximum of 2 external fonts. Also make sure to only load the styles that you need, such as only “regular, regular italic, bold” and not the 10+ different styles.

Use this tool to measure the readability of your content and you’ll end up with a masterpiece tailor-made for your audience. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot with poor readability – what you say is often less important than how you say it. On the whole, it’s best to play it safe – for main copy at least.

Start With Your Brand

This is important because appropriate font styling not only conveys your brand identity but is also vital for page content organization and readability. Web-safe fonts work by operating systems on different devices. Operating systems adapt fonts to users from their servers.

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Topics – The importance of typography.

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Raleway, a San serif typeface was designed by Matt McInerney as a single weight. Georgia is a serif typeface hinted by Tom Rickner and designed by Matthew Carter with an intention to use with low resolution screens where every pixel matters. They are the single most important determinant of the readability of your content. The main difference is that serif fonts contain small lines at the end of long lines, while sans-serif fonts have nothing at the end of lines. As you can see, the fonts you choose for your content has a huge impact on the performance of your website. By not using the proper font, not only could you turn away readers , but you also risk not getting the message of your content across.

Since then, we’ve packed it full of more handy features to guide you to improve your readability. 7The average reader’s attention span, in seconds, in 2022. About the same amount of time it takes to read these three lines of content. 85%The proportion of the public who can read your content if it has a readability grade of 8 or better. We’ve been helping others build their online presence for over 10 years – and we can’t imagine doing anything else. Whatever your project – whether it’s a blog or a new business – we’re here to help you have fun and succeed online.

How Can I Check My Readability Score for Free?

It characteristics like tight-spacing between the characters and more x-height which makes this font easier to read in form of long text. Helvetica is a very rigid and consistent font and its letterforms are not easily distinguishable when compared to other typefaces. Roboto font was first introduced in 2011 and was designed by Christian Robertson.

Therefore, brand choice also revolves around understanding your target audience. This San serif typeface was designed by Susan Kare and Kris Holmes. PT Serif offers 32 styles and these fonts provide us with regular, italic, bold and bold italic designs. This serif typeface was designed by John Hudson of Tiro Typeworks. Garamond is a group of many of the old serif typefaces designed by Claude Garamond. The serif typeface is the oldest one and has its roots in scriptures.

  • If you’re looking to do something creative with your titles or logos, this font has a lot to offer.
  • I love how it analyzes the whole content and returns with easy-to-digest numbers and data.
  • Alegreya comes with a classic look – it was designed for literature, making it perfect for longer bodies of text.
  • It will require more design skills to pick out the right design, since all of them are very specialized.
  • Dido will be great with website title, tagline, and headlines to grab attention.
  • Did you know that the average American adult reads at a 7th to 9th grade level?

Typography is a key element of design that complements the content you create. With an endless number of fonts available online, it’s up to the designer to know which to use when choosing the best fonts for websites. But when it comes to choosing the right fonts, just where do you begin? And how can you be sure you are selecting the correct font for your brand? Below, you will find out how to utilize fonts on your website effectively, as well as discover some of the best modern fonts available for websites today.

What does Google say?

What sets this particular family apart is the elongated all-caps character sets. This design choice is sure to give title and header text a big presence on any page. Unlike the filled styles, though, the outline font feels less domineering as most of the characters are open at the ends. Merriweather is a Google Font that was designed specifically to improve readability on screens.

Font size is very important to the readability of a website. A large font is essentially a giant “look at me” sign and should be used for text that’s very important. A small font is generally less important and should be used for less crucial information.

How to choose a font family

You can insert a URL into the placeholder to check the readability of content on an existing page. Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who is always on a look out for latest tech news. She regularly blogs on topics related to website designing, tech and is currently working on a write up on mobile optimized websites. The lowercase “e”, for instance, comes up short on the end. It doesn’t appear incomplete, it just looks as though a certain segment length was used to complete the bottom of the letter.

website readability font

Although it is ostensibly a print font, it looks good on web documents as well due to its open design. A readability score of means that your content is easy to read. The average adult has a reading level of 7th to 9th grade. As a result, you must keep your content readability within this range.

Best HTML Fonts For Websites

If you believe in what you do, have a proven offer, and would like to increase your online presence and authority, let’s chat. Thrive Design is a customer-centricweb design agency from Seattle.Contact us todayto find out how we can elevate your business online! Our free backlink checker tool will help you monitor links to your website. SiteChecker Pro Readability Checker tool is free to use and available online. Eliminate filler words like basically, actually, also, and yet.

website readability font

Bowlby One SC is designed for headings, and only comes in one style – we don’t recommend using it for your main copy. If you want impactful, bulky titles with slightly rough edges, however, then Bowlby One SC is a perfect choice. White space is the empty space surrounding content such as headlines, paragraphs, images, or buttons – and it’s vitally important for your web design. Making use of white space is one of the easiest things you can do right now to instantly make your website content easier to read.

Website Readability Guide: Make Your Website Reader-Friendly

The weight of the font brings strength to any title or header you apply it to. On the other hand, the curves of the lettering and numbers also convey a sense of elegance. If you have a website you want to bring a flare of classic, old-world flair to, this would be a beautiful choice. Maybe this font isn’t as beautiful as some of the other fonts on this list, but it’s very common and regularly used. Many web fonts aren’t pre-installed with WordPress, your theme, or your drag and drop page builder plugin. When choosing the best web fonts for this list, we wanted to make sure that they each meet specific requirements and characteristics.

The best way to know if it’s legible is to test it on a mobile device. Google’s algorithms use a mobile-rendered version of webpages instead of using desktop views when ranking sites. While some readers might be attracted by unique fonts , more often than not a unique font will sacrifice legibility and readability. A font is made up of a typeface in addition to the width, size, and weight chosen for that typeface. The different textual parts of your site work together to create a content hierarchy that helps users understand the level of importance of text content.

It is used for software such as Microsoft Office and Google docs. This font looks modern and warm primarily because of its rounded lines and style. Calibri was also created to work on a wide variety of text sizes. As a result of its clean design, this is a standard font for the web and suitable for any website type. The Fantasy HTML font type family often has decorative ones found in each letter. The fantasy fonts can help convey their style instantly and attract the audience.

Lato comes under the category of san serif with a total of 10 different styles. It’s always good to use fonts that are popular and familiar with your audience. Google Fonts is the most popular font repository for web usage. There are well over 915 fonts on Google Fonts as of writing this post. If you have a very design centric blog or maintaining a web design portfolio it’s best suited for you. You may be overwhelmed by looking at the number of fonts available online.

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People will not stay on a website that they can not read. Even generic fonts in HTML can spoil the overall design of your website. ReadablePro is a powerful collection of tools for analysing and improving the website readability readability of your content. The Readability Test Tool provides a quick and easy way to test the readability of your work. It is the most flexible readability software for assessing readability formulas.

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