How to Build a Live Streaming App: Video Streaming Technology Stack

Therefore, finding the thread between your app’s value and target users is the fundamental preliminary step. Experienced developers will listen to your vision of the finished product, conduct an in-depth business analysis and help you choose the features you need. If the MVP release is successful, you can start improving the product and add other user-friendly features to it. In fact, this is the way many successful services choose; they rarely use any of the strategies described in their pure form. For example, Twitch earns money from paid subscriptions, advertising, and selling so-called bits, the virtual currency used in-game chat. The only downside to this streaming format is the time delay in delivering content.

What is a Live Streaming App

Besides determining a viable platform for streaming the content, you’ll need to create great UI/UX for the app. Freemium — offer the app for free, but with some features accessible to paying users. Plus, that price quote is before you factor in specific video streaming elements like video players, CDN , and hosting.

Top features you must add to make an app like Twitch

Once your live streaming app appeals to founders and other stakeholders involved, then it’s time to launch your mobile application on suitable platforms. Switcher Studio is a live streaming app designed for creators who want to capture and broadcast footage in the field or on the go. It has picture-in-picture streaming and split-screen layouts, live editing features, and can be used with a multi-camera feed. You can also store your brand assets in the cloud so they’re saved each time you stream.

Over the past years, the consumption of online media has increased substantially which resulted in the creation of new forms like video streaming. Due to this growth in popularity, video and music streaming retail services have become a highly competitive media and entertainment (M&E) industry segment. Most probably, the reason for such a shift is that the content consumption habits have changed. People who are the actors in an increasingly digital ecosystem want to have round-the-clock access to the Internet and consume information while on the go. There you go, 21 best live streaming apps that are poised to be super popular in 2022. So, if you’re looking for a mobile streaming app, whether for business or personal use, surely some of these should be great for you.

The app would also be helpful for developers in charge of adding a live streaming function to their company’s app. HTML5 video player streaming, giving users a great live stream experience on every device. Becoming an essential part of a broader content strategy for many businesses looking to expand their audience and draw in more customers. Livestreaming is streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time over the internet.

Live Broadcasting Apps

Respectively, deciding on the best streaming apps for Android, iOS, or any desktop operating system is the key to understanding the phenomenon of live video streaming as such. Even before current events caused demand to skyrocket, live streaming was already exploding in popularity. Forty-seven percent of live streaming viewers worldwide are watching more live videos than compared to a year ago. Enable features ranging from live streaming for TV to featured creation of live videos by users.

  • The next option is building from scratch and working with an individual developer or a team of developers from an app development company.
  • Businesses and brands use streaming services to increase brand awareness and promote their products or services.
  • To compete, our clients continually need to provide new and better services.
  • An engineer typically needs twenty minutes to grasp the ideas behind AppMaster before the app starts to become second nature.
  • If you already have a Facebook page, you’ll have a built-in audience that will receive notifications when you post new content.

Make sure that the platform you choose to live stream is in deal with the partnership program to get benefited through affiliate sales. Make people pay for a cause – Letting your viewers donate during the live stream. Create an external donation link or enable the fundraising feature in your streaming platform through which your viewers can make their transactions. This feature will be a game-changer if viewers can support their creators through donations. This live streaming platform can be utilized for promoting events, demonstrations, showcase innovations, attract employees and more.

Some examples of creators that commonly make money on the platform include fitness influencers, dance teachers, and actors. In-app purchases are available for viewers who want to support their favorite creators. Some example use cases are gaming, auctioning, e-learning, and more. The platform is widely used by software developers and organizations worldwide. In 2006, he launched, which is credited for popularizing lifestreaming. However, it’s a rare case when a product uses only one monetization model.

Now, we covered the basics of building the best live video streaming app through leasing and working with a developer. We leverage our experience as domain experts to evaluate, identify, and deploy custom solutions. From enhancing existing technology to applying new functionality, we find creative solutions to our clients’ toughest challenges. Cinewav, a Singapore-based startup, approached Softjourn with a unique idea—to deliver a new, immersive approach to outdoor group movie-watching events. Softjourn’s team developed and validated a solution that aligns video and audio perfectly through a mobile application that users can install on their smartphones. Cinewav believes this app could create the largest outdoor cinema and gather sizable audiences without creating noise pollution.

That is, to download the app, users have to pay a one-time fee, after which they get access to all the functionality. PartsMeaningChoose your tech stackChoose an appropriate tech stack based on your project complexity, time-to-market, and technical needs. Supermaker, Luppi, Vocal are some of the amazing brands that use Vimeo for their live streaming.

Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor interdum nulla, ut commodo diam libero vitae erat. Discover the many benefits of live podcasting and find out how to record a live podcast with audio and video in the highest quality possible. Make sure any platform you choose is easy to use and accessible to users looking for that type of content. Irene Chan is a writer and video producer who loves to help fellow content creators be more productive. She is a movie buff, a mom of two toddlers, and an environmentalist who’s trying to live a zero-waste lifestyle. The only way to do it is to use open-source software like WordPress and free content delivery networks .

Best Live Streaming Platforms and Apps for Businesses

Tango is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms in the market right now. Trusted and being used by more than 10 Cr people around the world. This application was created in 2009 to handle online calling, texting, and gaming, but in 2017 it started offering live streaming services. If you are live streaming for a cause then Facebook live would be the best choice. If you are looking for a monetization option through live streaming then, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook can help you to make it. Twitch is specially meant for gamers, to share their gaming experience and strategies.

What is a Live Streaming App

So it’s safe to say that the Uptech team knows how to make a live streaming app. Live streaming apps provide content creators with a way to make money through ads, affiliate marketing, and other monetization efforts. We’ll explain how you can use streaming platforms to monetize your content and start generating revenue.

Custom Media & Entertainment Software Development and Support

You must have an Internet connection, camera, microphone, and streaming device to go live. This professional networking site offers users and companies the option to go live and broadcast from the platform to other users. Best Multitrack Recording Software for All Devices (Free & Paid) is an audio-video tool that collapses the pod/broadcast studio experience into your browser. The service captures lossless audio and up to 4K video locally, syncs it, and uploads as you go. 15 Best Video Production Companies for Influential is an audio-video tool that collapses the pod/broadcast studio experience into your browser. How to Record a Presentation on Zoom | Easy is an audio-video tool that collapses the pod/broadcast studio experience into your browser.

What is a Live Streaming App

Video streaming complements social, gaming, telehealth, remote learning, online dating, eCommerce, and virtual events use cases. Many major social sharing sites are included in our list of video streaming platforms below. Keep reading to discover which social platforms offer the best streaming features for creators. Are you using social media in the best way to deliver streaming content to your audience? Most major social media sites now offer streaming features to their users in one form or another. Live streaming provides a way for creators to generate revenue using ads, subscription programs, and other forms of monetization.

You’ll only be able to generate revenue this way if you have compelling and unique content enough that viewers will pay to access it. One of the most traditional ways to earn money from your content is to run ads before and during your live stream. Pre-roll ads appear before your content, and mid-roll ads run in the middle of your stream.

Andersen’s case studies in Live Streaming Software Development

And you’re not the only one; your audience probably has the same approach to content consumption. The early feedback will set you on the right path when building the live app. Many decisions need to be made along the way, including deciding which platform is most viable for streaming content.


Social sign up – Allows users to sign up with their social media accounts in a single touch and skips the tedious form-filling. WebRTC is a popular protocol that focuses on real-time communication. You’ll find it on video-call platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom, and BeLive. While WebRTC is superior in terms of speed, it will negate the transmission quality if the bandwidth is inadequate. Like other mobile apps, you’ll still need to decide on programming languages, databases, messaging queues, and other development elements.

You may broadcast, engage with viewers in chat, and communicate with fans and followers about various entertaining subjects, such as video games, food, music, and more. Send and receive animated presents, such as gold bars that can generate actual money. To create a streaming app for a sophisticated user, you also need to jazz it up with cutting-edge features. With the final design layout on hand, your development team will prioritize core features for your minimum viable product . An MVP includes a minimum set of features needed to test your product among real users.

Check out our picks for the best platforms to stream from any console type. HLS video streaming controls how your system delivers your content to your viewers’ devices. HLS video streaming uses coding to quickly deliver your content to users at the highest quality possible.

Usually it’s a mix of two or three because it’s more stable and safe. But as with anything in life, there is no such thing as free lunch. While you can get by with open-source technologies, you need to invest a lot of time to build everything yourself. This strategy also means you have to factor in additional long-term development costs. When you work with your own developer, you have some more control over the finished product, and you can revise the app an unlimited number of times. They charge $12.99 per month to have unlimited access to all of their current video library and future live classes.

It’s one of the best video streaming apps where you can watch gamers in action and share your experiences, too. Orangesoft has been assisting global businesses in pursuing their digital initiatives since 2011. A granular and filter-packed search is a highly recommended feature for streaming app development. It allows the how to create a live streaming app user to make a more detailed clip search using several filters. Examples of extended search filtering include finding videos by location, start date, popularity, number of viewers, and others. The cost of developing any app depends on many factors, including the technology used and the level of specialists involved .

The 20+ Best Live Streaming Apps for Mobile Broadcasting [2022 Update]

Those with stronger connections get higher-quality content, and viewers with weaker connections can still enjoy your content without worrying about buffering. Best of all, Uscreen apps are professionally designed for video streaming so you’re guaranteed a high-quality app that looks sleek, functions beautifully and does the job well. At the market, however, the relationship between supply and demand always tends to equilibrium. If users want to be online nearly all the time, the industry addresses this need immediately. The above illustration shows a basic overview of the live streaming pipeline.

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